Launch Platform

a company for building and launching variants of innovative software products

Company Values

Have fun

Innovation is challenging, but at least we hope to have some fun, enjoy the process, embrace failures and learn.

Less is more

Making things complex is easy. Making things simple is hard, and that's what we aim for.

Slow down, so it's faster

To move faster in the long run, we prefer to slow down and take time to make things right.

Work smart

There's always a better way to do it. Always think about working smarter.

Privacy matters

Customer privacy matters to us, the only product we sell is the product, and it's only for serving our customers.

Open source

We build most of our software upon open-source software. We love open-source and would like to give back as much as possible. Check out our GitHub profile to see our projects.


Write down your thought freely and quickly, and sync automatically across devices on different platforms in real-time. Put it simply, it's a messenger app but only for sending to yourself.

Monoline screenshots

BeanHub is a modern accounting book service based on the most popular open source version control system Git and text-based double-entry accounting book software Beancount.

BeanHub screenshots